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COVID 19 Sanitation Practices

I understand that a lot of people will continue to be intrepid until the COVID-19 virus is less prevalent in our society.  I will do everything I am able to make you feel at ease in scheduling an appointment.  Based on recommendations from my trade association I will implement the following measures:

  • In between clients I will sanitize the room.  This will include wiping the table, face cradle, chair, and doorknobs with an EPA approved disinfectant.  During this time of added precaution I have temporarily replaced the chair in my room and removed the fleece underpad and skirt from the table for more effective cleaning.  There is a bottle of hand sanitizer and lidded trash can in the room for your use.

  • I have removed the blanket.  If you prefer to have a blanket, please bring your own.

  • Wearing a facemask is an option.  Feel free to bring in a facemask if you prefer to wear one.  I am willing to also wear a facemask during the massage if you prefer.

  • As before the pandemic, I will continue to stagger start times so there is little or no wait time in the lobby.  If you prefer you may contact me when you arrive in the parking lot.  I will notify you when I am ready, meet, and open the front door for you.


If there is any additional measure that I can take to make you feel more safe and comfortable, please let me know as soon as you book so that I have time to accommodate your request.


The pandemic and our society’s reaction to it have been both scary and stressful.  I look forward to our global, national, and local community healing and growing from the experience.  I am ready to serve you in any way that I am able once again. 

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