Changing the Face of Men's Health

If you see me during the 11th month of the year you have probably noticed a difference in my appearance.  That’s because I grow a mustache during the month to take part in Movember.


The rules for Movember are quite simple.  Participants are asked to shave their upper lip on November 1, and then let their mustache grow over the month.  No goatees, no soul patches – just a nice stylish mustache.  Already have a ‘stache – shave it off.  Your missing furry friend will spark just as much notice and conversation (and don’t worry- it’ll grow back!)


Movember began in 2003 by a couple of friends in Australia.  The Foundation has grown substantially, and as of 2017 there are 20 participating countries including the USA.  In addition, there are over 5.5 million participants and 1250 men’s health projects funded.  Read more of the incredible story



I became a MoBro in 2011 by signing up at the foundations website.  Every year that I signed up I looked over the foundations website and my admiration grew.  The Movember foundation provides outreach and funding for a wide variety of programs addressing men’s health.  By 2015 I was ready to increase my level of involvement with the foundation to include fundraising. 


I began donating 5% of the bodywork practice’s net income to the foundation in 2015.  Since then the practice has raised over $1,070. 


If you would like to participate in Movember I recommend you that you sign up online.  Both men and women (MoSistas) can sign up.  It is fun and completely free to do so.  I started simply by joining with a couple of friends to have fun.  Now I see this 11th month as a great opportunity to raise awareness of men’s health.


I hope to see you this Movember.  Remember, your therapeutic massage is also helping a noble cause.

Beau and Wife Donated $173 in 2017


$173 Raised and donated

Beau and wife donated $200 in 2018


$200 Raised and donated

Beau, wife, and baby donated $197 in 2019


$197 Raised and donated

Beau, wife, and baby donated $220 in 2020


$220 Raised and donated

Beau donated $0 in 2014


$0 Raised and donated

Beau and wife donated $181 in 2015


$181 Raised and donated

Beau donated $128 in 2016


$128 Raised and donated