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This is an article I wrote in 2014. It is always my go-to article whenever I start a blog or need an article for print. Here it is 2019, and I am posting to a new blog.

In November I was speaking to a friend about the journey of growth. He was working on his guitar skills, and relayed to me a simple truth. In the past he had always said that he wanted to be a guitar player. After practicing for a while he would find other ways to spend his time and stop practicing only to pick his guitar back up months or years later with the intention of being a guitar player. The problem was not the dream or the will to succeed, but in reframing his desire.

By reframing “I want to be a guitar player” to “I want to become a guitar player” he was able to shift from the immediacy of having (to be) to the journey of growing and evolving (to become). This simple re-shifting of perspective is profound. A mindset of immediacy is a roller coaster of emotions from the joy of beginning a new endeavor to eventual frustration at not achieving your notion of greatness in a short amount of time. By accepting the journey to become you commit to a life-long process. That’s not to say that the journey will be free from trials and stumbling blocks, but getting around those blocks will only be part of the journey not a crushing blow to your dreams.

I have aspired to many things in my life (including guitar) only to not follow through with my quest for one reason or another. The act of becoming takes time. Be patient and compassionate with yourself; you are growing and nurturing your future self.

Most recently I find myself saying I want to be a great bodywork therapist and successful business owner. I must thank my friend for offering his insight. I will now more fully appreciate and commit to the journey of becoming a great bodywork therapist and successful business owner.

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