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Why Write

Why am I writing this? Much like the decision to go to massage school there is this nagging sense to do a particular thing that feels left field or that scares me. It keeps popping up – you need to write. It’s been there for a couple of years now. And I write for a day or two and stop. I would say try, I try to write consistently, but I don’t want to use that word anymore. Try not, do or do not. So my writing is sporadic despite the instinctual flash to do so.

For Christmas I asked for and received the Daily Stoic Journal. This was my attempt to force myself to write daily and to learn more about the Stoic philosophy. Every day prompts the writer with a question to ponder and briefly journal. I was pretty good with daily reflections, albeit they were brief paragraphs, until El was born. Since then all my routines are either on hiatus or on a completely different schedule. So I sporadically write. And yet this notion keeps coming back – you need to write.

I hesitate to label it a “calling.” A calling is defined as a strong urge towards a particular way of life or career. I had no desire or predilection to be a massage therapist; in fact I never really cared for massage. However, the idea to go to the Florida School of Massage was there in my conscious just waiting for me to realize it. Now that I’ve been a licensed therapist for close to 6 years I can’t imagine doing any other profession. Despite how left field the instinct was, “Go to massage school,” following it has been one of the most rewarding ventures in my life.

So why am I writing this? Because I feel that I need to. Not that I need to say something or that I need to make a point, far from it. I just feel the need to write. So if you find this and read it, thank you. If it resonates with you then maybe there’s something to those flashes of thought urging you out of your comfort zone. Time will tell if these little posts amount to anything other than my ramblings.

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