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Love and customer service

I recommend that you check out The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman or take the online quiz to determine your love language. In the book, Mr. Chapman explains that we recognize and give love through 5 modes; acts of service, physical touch, words of affirmation, gift giving, and quality time. Understanding this knowledge of yourself and those in your life can be profound. For example, you can show affection by showering someone with gifts. If, however, quality time were their love language they may not view your gifts as you intended them to be received. Your efforts to show affection and friendship would have been better spent hanging out together.

The love languages apply to all types of human relationships, couples, friends, siblings, and so on. The main message is that specific acts of kindness resonate more to each of us depending on our love language. My primary love language is acts of service followed by physical touch (most folks have a primary and secondary love language). You could say I found the perfect profession for myself as a bodywork therapist. Bodywork therapy is an act of service, and it includes physical touch.

I did not realize how my affinity for acts of service shaped my view of customer service until I began to write this article. If an act of service is my primary love language then it makes sense that I would highly value customer service. To me, customer service shows that the business administrators care about my patronage. Even if it’s a little thing, it’s the summation of those services that keep me coming back even when it’s an inconvenience or the product costs a bit more than a competitor’s price.

My bodywork therapy practice is a reflection of my commitment to be of service because I personally find value and worth in providing service to others. The services my practice provides go far beyond time on the massage table, too. Services such as the following:

1. Tailored, goal oriented bodywork therapy Each bodywork therapy session is unique and specifically tailored to you and your goals. Each session is your body, mind, and spirit’s opportunity to heal and rejuvenate. I’ve built extra time into each session for us to discuss your goals and for any follow-up questions. Once the session is complete, there’s no need to rush off the table. Take your time soaking in the work and allow your senses a moment to accommodate your experience.

2. Online scheduling Only have certain days and times that you are available for bodywork therapy? Do you prefer to schedule in conjunction with a chiropractic adjustment or acupuncture? Making and modifying an appointment is easy. Check out my online scheduling. There you can see my availability and create or modify appointments to meet your lifestyle.

3. Email and text reminders I’ll help you remember your appointment with an email when we book the appointment. You can also expect a text message reminder at least 2 days before our scheduled appointment.

4. Complimentary sessions Bodywork therapy encompasses multiple varied modalities in rejuvenating mind, body, and spirit. I am constantly looking to learn new techniques and modalities to provide the best and most effective therapy. Learning takes practice, and I’m always willing to practice. Schedule a complimentary session of the latest technique I am learning, and the session will only cost you your time.

5. No gratuity policy I believe in being of service and giving my best to everyone of my clients. My listed prices reflect that level of service.

6. All major credit cards and checks accepted

7. Monthly newsletter I like to keep my practice fresh and evolving. What better way to keep my clients in the loop than with a monthly email newsletter?

This list is not exhaustive, and as my practice grows and matures I will continue to add additional services. As a bodywork therapist I would like the services that I provide to add value and worth to another person. Why not sign up for my newsletter to stay current on everything that is offered?

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